Hops Tea: Sleep Aid

Many are familiar with the hops plant as a flavoring agent for beer however it also makes for a beneficial herbal tea as well. This tea is most popular for its use as a sleeping aid, since it can help induce a restful sleep naturally without the use of over the counter medications. If you are looking for a way to help you with sleep disorders such as insomnia, hops tea may be worth looking into.

The Negative Effects of Poor Sleeping Habits

Proper sleep is essential for healthy living. The lack of it can lead to severe effects and in the worst cases, the lack of proper sleep can lead to death.  The lack of decent sleep can be noted by small side effects such as weight gain, rise in blood pressure, higher susceptibility to sickness, poor memory, irritability and mood changes, lack of focus, headaches, lowered sex drive, and a more accident prone nature. In more serious cases of sleep deprivation, more severe side effects can occur such as increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, depression, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and ultimately death. For this reason it is exceptionally important to make certain that you are getting enough rest each night.

How Hops Tea Helps

Drink a cup of hops tea for a more restful night. Hops tea has a sedative effect to it, allowing those that drink it to feel relaxed and calmed. For those that suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia or for those that have trouble sleeping in general, drinking a cup of hops tea before bed can encourage the onset of sleep. The advantages of hops tea can also rid the body of feelings of stress and tension as well, two things that can easily cause disrupted sleep patterns.