Hops Tea for ADHD

Hops tea has a long history of use for a variety of different common ailments such as poor digestion. Although this tea is most commonly known for its flavoring of beer, it is also good for remedying many health issues as well. Today, a common use for hops tea is for the soothing effects that it has to offer which can promote relaxation and a more calm nature. The sedative properties of this tea make it a good way to ease the effects of ADHD.

What is ADHD?

ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactive disorder, is a disorder where the person affected shows problems such as over-activity, the inability to remain attentive, acting on impulse, or a combination of any of these issues. Most cases of ADHD are apparent at a young age and remains chronically with the person for the remainder of their life. Treatment of ADHD involves therapy, medications, or a combination of the two. There are also some herbal remedies that can help aid some of the symptoms that affect those that suffer from ADHD.

How Hops Tea Helps

Hops tea has a sedative effect on the body, encouraging feelings of calm relaxation. Drinking a cup or two of hops tea daily can have a soothing effect on the body, allowing for a more tranquil attitude. If you are suffering from ADHD, drink hops tea regularly, or as needed to help you relieve feelings of over-activity and inattentiveness.