Hops Tea: Benefits That May Surprise You

There are many people who are aware of the existence of hops, but many do not realize that it comes in the form of a tea. The more common use that this plant is well known for is a common flavoring ingredient for beer. However, believe it or not, the flowers belonging to this vine-like plant that can be gathered and made into a bitter tasting tea can quickly help relieve a vast array of different ailments. Hops tea has many beneficial advantages to offer such as flavonoids, antibacterial effects, as well as a variety of other ways to help heal and rejuvenate the body.

As natural and herbal forms of treatment begin finding their way back into the hands of the general public, herbal teas and remedies such as hops tea have been finding a place on the shelves of more homes than before. If you are looking for a tea that can offer you relief from some common ailments, hops tea may hold the surprising potential to aid your needs.

Relieves Stress & Insomnia

One of the best uses for hops tea is that it can help encourage a good night’s rest. The sedative effects can offer a restful aid for those who are suffering from the negative effects of sleep disorders such as insomnia. This effect may be attributed to a constituent found in hops tea which is known as dimethylvinyl carbinol. This alcoholic compound is very minimal in hops however even the smallest amount can offer sedative effects. This effect is good for treating problems with stress and anxiety as well, since it can help soothe and calm the body. Other benefits include tension and depression relief.

Aids Digestion

Another good advantage that hops tea can be used for is its ability to aid the digestive system as well. It can do this by stimulating the body to produce more stomach acid which can assist in the breaking down of foods. Hops tea is also good for treating infections of the bladder and urinary tract as well due to the antibacterial properties that are present in it. Many also use this tea for aiding effects of IBS as well.

Estrogens for Women’s Health

Surprisingly, hops tea contains estrogens. This can be beneficial for many issues that women experience such as PMS, menopause, and symptoms that are related to such issues. Another advantage it holds for women is that it can help develop the breasts and stimulate growth which can be beneficial for women who are breastfeeding.

External Uses

Hops tea also has a number of great external uses as well. Use a small cloth to apply cooled hops tea to cuts, burns, bruises, bug bites, and small scrapes to speed healing and relieve pain. The use of hops tea externally on wounds can also help to prevent infection. Another external use for this tea is to rub it into the scalp to relieve dry, itchy scalp and to prevent and control the appearance of dandruff.